Saga Dawa Duchen, Lord Buddha’s Day Tuesday May 29th

Lord Buddha’s Day or Saga Dawa Duchen, is the full moon day of the sacred month of Saga Dawa, the fourth month of the Tibetan lunar calendar. This is the most sacred day of the year in Tibetan Buddhism, commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana (death) of the Buddha, and it is believed that all positive … [Read more…]

Bodhisattvas Way of Life, Sunday, May 20th 3:30pm to 5pm Open to all!

Open to all! The Bodhisattvacharyāvatāra or Bodhicaryāvatāra, sometimes translated into English as A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s[1] Way of Life, is a famous Mahāyāna Buddhist text written c. 700 AD in Sanskrit verse by Shantideva (Śāntideva), a Buddhist monk at Nālandā Monastic University in India. It has ten chapters dedicated to the development of bodhicitta … [Read more…]